Want to lớn take a look at some really hot Vietnamese girls? Interested in Vietnamese chicks và want to lớn make sure these girls are worth it? We found the đứng top Vietnamese models, actresses, & singers selected their best photos, and made this danh sách so that you could enjoy these gorgeous hotties, too!

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This 29-year-old fitness coach from Hanoi deserves first place on this list, without any doubt. She is a perfect woman, & even if you are not into Asian beauty, you still can’t deny that this girl is one of the sexiest Vietnamese female models right now.

Just take a look at her photos, và you’ll understand what we’re talking about: this impressive babe loves showing off her smoking-hot body and teasing her followers.

With a dễ thương baby face, an incredibly sexy body, a perfect sense of style, & lots of fantastically hot pictures—Tran Bich khô hanh is certainly worth taking a look at.

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Jade, 28
Vietnam, Ho đưa ra Minh City
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Thingocuyen, 59
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Lisa, 23
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2. Le Truong Ngoc Thao


Info about Le Truong Ngoc Thao

Number of followers: 2,1MOccupation: Fashion modelBirthdate: 1990Location: Saigon

This sexy Vietnamese girl is the most popular lady on this list—with more than 2,100,000 followers on her Instagram, she leaves all the competitors behind easily.

Ngoc Thao was born in 1990 & began her modeling career when she was only 16 years old. She doesn’t upload lots of NSFW photos, but she doesn’t need to vị it khổng lồ look hot as hell.

Ngoc Thao radiates sexuality and femininity even though she doesn’t wear too revealing clothes. Just take a look at this stylish lady, and you’ll understand what we are talking about.

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3. Hang Thi Minh Nguyen


Info about Hang Thi Minh Nguyen

Number of followers: 24,7KOccupation: SingerBirthdate: 1993Location: Hanoi

There are lots of Vietnam beautiful women—some of them post incredibly hot NSFW pictures, while others prefer posting stylish photos over đồ lót or lingerie pictures.

This lady falls into the second category—she only has several bikini pictures, which is certainly a flaw because with a body this hot, well, she could’ve got much more followers than she has now.

Well, still, Hang Thi is incredibly beautiful & stylish, so if you want lớn take a look at a very attractive Vietnamese woman, just visit her profile. You won’t be disappointed!

4. Khuu Huynh My


Info about Khuu Huynh My

Number of followers: 83KOccupation: InfluencerBirthdate: 1997Location: Hanoi

A blonde Vietnamese babe with an incredibly fit & curvy body who loves uploading hot lingerie and đồ lót photos lớn her Instagram page, what can be better than that?

Khuu Huynh My, a 25-year-old influencer from Hanoi, knows everything about seduction and sexy dresses. Well, it’s not surprising at all, taking into account her perfectly shaped body—it would be a crime to hide it from her Instagram followers.

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5. Vina Sky

Info about Vina Sky

Number of followers: 159KOccupation: ActressBirthdate: 1999Location: Texas

There are lots of Vietnamese models in the USA, but Vina definitely stands out from the crowd. The thing is, she’s an extremely popular porn actress, so her Instagram profile shouldn’t surprise you. Lingerie pictures, extremely tight dresses, lots of very hot photos…

Vina certainly knows how lớn make her male followers happy. You just can’t miss this perfect body!

6. Le Bong (Le Xuan Anh)


Info about Le Bong

Number of followers: 1,2MOccupation: Fitness coach, Instagram influencerBirthdate: 1996Location: Hanoi

Le Xuan Anh (Lebong) is a 26-year-old fitness coach & a very popular Instagram model from Hanoi who has more than 1,200,000 followers on her Instagram page.

It’s interesting that she doesn’t upload that many NSFW và 18+ photos—well, sometimes she posts bikini and lingerie pictures, but in most cases, she wears tight dresses và casual clothes. However, her profile is still 100% worth taking a look at because, well, this girl is just gorgeous and hot as hell!

7. Ha Hoang

Info about Ha Hoang

Number of followers: 1,2MOccupation: Fitness coachBirthdate: 1999Location: Hanoi

Extremely tight dresses, revealing clothes, sexy bikinis, & stylish lingerie photos—Ha Hoang, a gorgeous 23-year-old fitness model, and coach, certainly knows everything about attracting her male followers.

She has more than 1,200,000 followers on her Instagram page, so although her nội dung strategy doesn’t look too complex, it definitely works as expected. We have nothing to địa chỉ cửa hàng here. Just take a look at her pictures & enjoy one of the fittest girls in Vietnam!

8. Angie Vu Ha


Info about Angie Vu Ha

Number of followers: 1,2MOccupation: DJBirthdate: 1987Location: Spain

Meet one of the most sexy Vietnamese women, Angie: a 35-year-old DJ from Vietnam, who is a clear explanation of why mixed-race girls are actually the best girls.

This hot Vietnamese DJ may be the best or the worst DJ in Vietnam. Honestly, we don’t care. Let’s be honest, we are not here to listen khổng lồ music but lớn enjoy some really sexy photos.

In this regard, Angie will certainly not disappoint you because her Instagram page is full of smoking hot bikini and lingerie photos—it looks lượt thích this woman is certainly far from a stereotypical shy Southeast Asian girl.

Well, why be shy with a body toàn thân like this?

9. Trieu Van


Info about Trieu Van

Number of followers: 105KOccupation: ModelBirthdate: 2000Location: Saigon

Unfortunately, we don’t know much about this extremely hot Vietnamese woman because she is not that popular yet. What we know is that this young lady definitely deserves more followers than she has right now.

She has a perfect body, và when we say perfect, we mean even more perfect than most Vietnamese have. Her facial features are so attractive and cute that it’s impossible not khổng lồ fall in love with this girl.

And, of course, her hot pictures are worth taking a look at, too—and the good news is that Trieu loves showing her body toàn thân to her Instagram followers.

10. Tran nhì Ngan


Info about Tran nhị Ngan

Number of followers: 301KOccupation: ModelBirthdate: 2001Location: Saigon

If you’re interested in hot Vietnamese women, this 21-year-old Instagram mã sản phẩm and Tik
Tok blogger is definitely worth taking a look at.

Tran nhị Ngan is a gorgeous young babe who has a perfectly slim body toàn thân and an extremely beautiful face. In fact, she’s a classic, traditional Vietnamese beauty—her facial features, hair, skin, và her amazing sense of style are a combination you just can’t look away from.

Lucky us, she loves tight dresses & mini-skirts because not showing off a toàn thân like that would be a crime.


Are you looking for the hottest Vietnamese? Or, maybe, you’d lượt thích to meet Vietnamese brides and want to know more about their appearance? Well, we are sure you enjoyed this top các mục of the most beautiful women in Vietnam. You can date girls lượt thích these, too—just find a dating site và start chatting in a few minutes!


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