See Céline Dion René-Charles Angelil Ideas, Céline Dion'S 3 Children: Everything To Know

Celine Dion performs live in 2019 in London, England. "I love being a mom," the superstar và mom of three boys has said.Samir Hussein / Redferns
Celine Dion"s children give her hope, she says, especially as she had lớn cancel her Courage World Tour amid her battle with stiff person syndrome.

Here’s a peek inside the pop star’s close relationship with her three children — René-Charles and fraternal twins Eddy và Nelson — whom she shared with husband René Angélil, who died in 2016 after a throat cancer diagnosis. The couple had been married for more than two decades.

Celine Dion and husband René Angélil with their children Nelson and Eddy as babies, and eldest son René-Charles, pictured in 2011. Ethan Miller / Getty Images
Last year, the Canadian pop star was diagnosed with stiff person syndrome, a rare neurological condition that can cause severe muscle stiffness & spasms. The cause of the disorder is unknown but it affects women twice as much as men.

"I have a great team of doctors working alongside me khổng lồ help me get better và my precious children, who are supporting me và giving me hope," Dion, 55, said in an emotional Instagram đoạn phim in December in which she shared her health news.

Who is Celine Dion"s eldest son René-Charles?

Dion gave birth lớn René-Charles on January 25, 2001.

The singer recalled the post-birth truyền thông media circus in a 2019 interview with James Corden on "Carpool Karaoke."

“I’m delivering my first child and I don’t even have him in my arms yet,” she said. “I look to the left, & there’s a TV there và the doctor is announcing, live on television, a beautiful healthy boy, 7 pounds 8 ounces. And I’m saying lớn myself, ‘My baby is on television, và I didn’t even hold him yet.’ So I turned it off. I turned off the TV.”

In 2006, Dion told "" that she was meant for parenthood.

“I love being a mom — it relaxes me to lớn read stories lớn him, bởi vì finger painting, play with Play-Doh," she said. "I think have a hard time imagining I can have a normal life, but I do."

Dion said that knowing her son was watching one of her shows gave her stage fright.

"My son was going lớn be there looking at me as a performer & not as a mom reading stories at bedtime," she said.

That year, Dion told the Associated Press how she handled the separation anxiety in her 5-year-old son when she left for work, saying, "I’ll sing as fast as I can & I’ll gọi you, OK?”

Dion also shared that she wanted khổng lồ give René-Charles a normal lifestyle.

“I certainly don’t see him at 5 the way I was at 5, starting something professional,” she told the AP. “I so much want him lớn be a kid.”

René-Charles, who was named after his father, grew up lớn be a musician. In 2018, he told the Montreal Gazette that he wanted lớn succeed on his own, without his mom"s influence — so he kept his passion a secret until two of his songs hit the đứng đầu of the Canadian Sound
Cloud R&B charts, under his stage name "Big Tip."

"My mom’s the greatest singer of all time và she’s got all these outlets," he said. "I could have been like, ‘Hey mom, I’m kind of into this music stuff, let’s do something about it.’ But I wanted to lớn prove khổng lồ myself that I’m able to bởi it. Not just because my mom is who my mom is. At the end of the day, that’s what matters to me the most: to lớn make a name for myself.”

Celine Dion with her three sons.

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celindion via Instagram When his father died in 2016, René-Charles took center stage lớn deliver a beautiful eulogy.

“Fifteen years is not a long time for a son lớn get to know his father. You had a busy life but we were communicating through golf, hockey, poker & smoked meat and a lot of other wonderful food, bonding more and more as time went by."

"You left me now with enough good memories of you to cốt truyện with my younger brothers," added René-Charles. "As they grow older, without you being around, I"ll make sure to pass on what I"ve learned from you."

Who are Celine Dion"s twins, Nelson and Eddy?

Dion always wanted to lớn give René-Charles a sibling.

"We hope to be blessed again as parents, that would be amazing," she told "Access Hollywood" in 2009.

In May 2010, Dion announced their second pregnancy, using an embryo that was frozen eight years prior while trying to conceive their first child.

Her twins were born October 23, 2010.

Celine Dion with her twin sons Nelson and Eddy in Paris, France, in 2017. Mehdi Taamallah / Nur
Photo via Getty Images
A spokesperson for Dion told "" that the twins were named after Dion"s music producer Eddy Marnay and Nelson Mandela, the former president of South Africa. "Céline and René want their children to be inspired by their names, because they were so inspired by these men,” said the rep.

In 2017, in the wake of Angélil"s death, Dion shared how she và her twins, then 6, helped each other with their grief. "We kiss him every night actually," she told The Sun. "We have a little ritual where we say goodnight lớn him with a little picture ... & then the kids talk lớn him."

“I organize myself lớn not feel lonely,” she added. “So I got myself a huge ... Bed và I sleep with my twins. My twins are comforting me a lot. I need them."

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The “My Heart Will Go On” singer và her late husband, René Angélil, nội dung three sons together: René-Charles, 22, và twins Nelson và Eddy, 11. Angélil died in 2016 from throat cancer, & in the years since, Dion and her sons have continued khổng lồ lean on each other for support.

Speaking lớn in 2007, Dion expressed that she wasn’t “really a singer” and instead, her “life is to lớn be a mom.”

“It is what I enjoy the most. It is my most amazing reward,” she explained. “I will take a chance with my music. I don’t take risks with my family."

She added of her eldest son René-Charles, “For me to be able lớn give my happiness lớn my son. I cannot achieve better than that.”

After Angélil's death, Dion was candid about her family’s grief và how they were moving forward.

“I feel extremely fortunate as a mother that — it’s probably the thing I’m the most proud of — I prepared my children for how khổng lồ live ... How khổng lồ live with him without his presence,” she told Ellen De
Generes in October 2016.

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She continued "It’s part of our life & life has imposed this on That was his destiny và I still feel extremely fortunate that he has given me three magnificent children. Wonderful pieces of luggage."


Scott Brinegar/Disneyland Resort/Getty

Eddy and Nelson were only 5 years old when Angélil died. Dion broke the news lớn her youngest sons with the help of Disney’s Up. She waited a few days and then threw the twins a glitter and balloon-filled buổi tiệc nhỏ ahead of her late husband"s funeral. When explaining his death, she used a balloon analogy, telling them Angélil had “gone up” và floated away on balloons và would not return.

“I did not want to lớn relate the passing lớn doctors & have them be afraid. It’s the thing I’m most proud of,” she explained khổng lồ

In an April 2017 interview with The Sun, Dion spoke about how she and the twins were coping with the loss. The singer said she would “organize” herself khổng lồ not feel lonely, adding, “So I got myself a huge, huge, huge bed và I sleep with my twins. They are comforting me a lot. I need them. I need them close.”

“When it’s time for them to say they want their room, their room’s ready,” she said. “But we watch a lot of TV together. I’m discovering Disney.”

Staying true khổng lồ her Up analogy, Dion, Eddy và Nelson had a sweet nighttime routine after Angélil’s death to remain close khổng lồ him.

“We have a little ritual where we say goodnight to lớn him with a little picture," she told the outlet. "Then the kids talk khổng lồ him. & they write words, put them in balloons and we send the balloons lớn the sky.”

Before embarking on her Courage World Tour in September 2019, Dion opened up about the decision not khổng lồ take her three children with her on tour. She explained during an April 2019 Q&A session, “My kids will be based in Las Vegas. I"m going to vì chưng the world tour but back và forth — I"ll come trang chủ as much as possible."

"That's going to lớn be the first time that I'm not going on tour with my kids," she said, adding that she ultimately believed the experience “will be good for” Eddy và Nelson because “they’re mature” for their age.

“They're 8 years old but sometimes I feel lượt thích they're 14 already," she said of her youngest sons. "They're very independent."

When Eddy and Nelson turned 10 in October 2020, Dion penned a touching message to them on Instagram. She shared a throwback photo of the duo posing in autumn leaves, followed by two side-by-side frames recreating old photos of Eddy and Nelson posing in piles of leaves.

“Nelson & Eddy, you have been bringing so much joy, love and laughter into our lives every single day for the past 10 years,” Dion wrote. “You make me, your big brother & your Dad, who is for sure watching over you, so very proud. Happy birthday my beautiful boys! We love you so very much.”

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