In năm 2016 celebrity chef, adventurer, và food writer Anthony Bourdain hosted then-US President Barack Obama for a local lunch at a tiny and unassuming shophouse restaurant just south of Hanoi"s French Quarter.

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The "Combo Obama", the full bộ dish famously ordered by the president, is one of the all-time greatest dishes in Hanoi, & is one of my favorite meals in the Vietnamese capital.
bun cha, a traditional northern Vietnamese specialty

President Obama"s historic visit to Vietnam made headlines, và his reversal of the decades-long ban on US sale of weapons to Vietnam was praised by the Vietnamese people as a progressive move in US-Vietnamese relations in building a strong regional alliance against Chinese influence (China and Vietnam are historic rivals in the Southeast Asia region).
One night during his time in Hanoi, President Obama was treated khổng lồ dinner at a local restaurant by Anthony Bourdain. The two men sat on tiny plastic chairs and shared a meal và a few beers whilst discussing US-Vietnamese relations and the future of diplomacy and development in the region.
US President Barack Obama và Anthony Bourdain in Hanoi, Vietnam (Bún Chả hương Liên)

Anthony Bourdain, picking up the approximately $6 USD tab, took the president to a meal of northern Vietnamese bun cha, a seafood roll, & a Bia Hanoi (Hanoi Beer). Today,Bún chả hương thơm Liên is very proud of their presidential visitor, and excitedly promote the "Combo Obama" on their menu, the exact meal that the president enjoyed when he visited Hanoi.
Combo Obama Bun phụ thân at
Bún Chả mùi hương Liên in Hanoi, Vietnam

Northern Vietnamese Hanoi-style bun cha, born in the bustling streets of Hanoi, is a culinary gem that captures the hearts of food lovers far & wide. It"s no wonder that it was the favorite Vietnamese dish of both Barack Obama & Anthony Bourdain during their time in the country!
At its core, bun thân phụ revolves around three key elements: grilled pork, rice noodles, và a special dipping sauce that brings the whole dish khổng lồ life. It all begins with meticulously marinated pork, typically a blend of pork belly and shoulder. Bathed in a marinade of fish sauce, sugar, garlic, và an array of aromatic spices, the pork is then grilled over charcoal or an open flame. The result? An enticing medley of smoky nuances and a tantalizing hint of smoky char.
The pork is served with a bed of rice noodles (the eponymous "bun"). These translucent noodles are dipped in the broth and eaten alongside the smoky grilled pork.
It is, however, the dipping sauce, known in Vietnamese as nuoc cham (a broth made from fish sauce, vinegar, lime juice, and garlic) that elevates bun phụ thân to its place in the pantheon of incredible Vietnamese dishes. The broth is usually served with a side of minced garlic & sliced red-hot chili peppers which you can địa chỉ cửa hàng to the dish for an extra kick. I always add all of the garlic and a good deal of the chilies.
To truly savor bun phụ thân in all its glory, one must partake in a ritual of assembly. Begin by nestling a modest portion of rice noodles in a bowl, then carefully đứng top it with a bite of grilled pork. The dish is always served with a heaping plate of fresh and crunchy herbs, and one must địa chỉ piles of aromatic mint, cilantro, và perilla to his or her bowl along with a generous helping of bean sprouts và pickled vegetables. The dish, simple yet elegant, combines all the essential flavors of a delicious Vietnamese meal.
Northern Vietnamese bun cha, or grilled pork with noodles in Hanoi

The full bộ also comes with a seafood roll, a giant deep-fried Vietnamese pastry stuffed full of prawns, crab, pork, and lots of vegetables.I love bun cha. It is my absolute favorite Vietnamese dish, and I would eat it every day if I could! However, I have to say that my favorite part of the full bộ Obama might not be the iconic bun cha, but the seafood roll!
Vietnamese fried seafood roll at
Bún Chả mùi hương Liên, Hanoi, Vietnam

Bun thân phụ is a meal best shared, whether among family or friends. As the lunch or dinner hour arrives, seekers of culinary adventures, both locals và travelers alike, flock to the vibrant streets of Hanoi. There, they embrace the allure of bun cha and the intoxicating aromas of smoky grilled pork, delicate rice noodles, & the lively dance of the zesty dipping sauce.
A feast for the senses, a journey of flavors, bun phụ vương is a testament to the culinary riches of Vietnam và an experience not to lớn be missed. & the best place of all, of course, is where President Obama himself dined.

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Bún Cá, or Fish Noodle Soup in Hanoi, Vietnam
Fertilized Egg Embryo (Trứng vịt lộn, or Vietnamese Balut) in Hanoi, Vietnam
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Bún chả hương Liên is located in the center of Hanoi at24 p. Lê Văn Hưu, Phan Chu Trinh, nhị Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Vietnam. The restaurant is easily reached on foot from the Hoan Kiem Lake neighborhood, or by Grab, taxi, or motorbike.
Bún chả mùi hương Liên restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam
See the maps below for the exact location & directions to
Bún chả mùi hương Liên in Hanoi:
Anthony Bourdain
Barack Obamabeerbest bun cha
Bia Hanoibun chabún chả hương thơm liênhanoi
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Obama bun cha
President Obamaseafood rollvietnam
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U.S. President Barack Obama shakes hands with staff as he leaves after having a dinner of bun cha at the Bún chả mùi hương Liên restaurant in Hanoi, Vietnam May 23, 2016. 

After a long Monday of shaking hands and brokering military weapons sales in Hanoi, President Barack Obama must have worked up an appetite.

So writer và chef Anthony Bourdain escorted the president to lớn a little diner for some beer and supper.

The other diners at called Bún Chả hương Liên seem nonplussed by the leader of the free world eating noodles in their midst. They were there for one reason above all: Bún chả.

The traditional Vietnamese dish consists of grilled pork (chả) served in a broth or dipping sauce, along with rice noodles (bún) và fresh herbs.

“Bún chả is one of the oldest favorites of north Vietnam cuisine,” says Michael Chuong, the chef at Elements, an Asian-fusion restaurant in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. “They grill pork in two styles,” he says. There's grilled fatty pork, & a preparation that's more like barbecued pulled pork. Chuong says there’s a version of bún chả that’s more popular in southern Vietnam called bún giết thịt nướng, which features less broth.


A traditional Bún chả meal served in Hanoi, Vietnam usually consists of grilled pork served in a broth or dipping sauce, along with rice noodles & fresh herbs.


Courtesy Bún chả mùi hương Liên.

Chuong’s been busy preparing bún chả at Elements this week. He says it's been selling lượt thích crazy ever since the photos of Obama and Bourdain hit social media.

In Vietnam, people enjoy bún chả for breakfast, lunch or dinner. It’s a timeless recipe. Chef Chuong says that food has allowed him to lớn hold onto his culture. He grew up in southern Vietnam, but was forced lớn flee at the age of 15 to escape the war.

"I really enjoy bring Western & Southeast Asian cultures together,” Chuong says. Vietnam already had a tradition of that when he was growing up, especially in the kitchen: "We have this Vietnamese-French fusion style that goes back centuries."

Like Chuong’s fusion cuisine, Obama’s visit lớn Vietnam is also aimed at linking cultures. On his first presidential visit khổng lồ the country this week, Obama announced the lifting of a 50-year embargo on US military arms sales khổng lồ Vietnam. While that will boost the economic và security relationship between the erstwhile enemies, some rights workers fear that the over of the embargo will enable human rights abuses in Vietnam. The Obama administration denies that. On Tuesday the president met with Vietnamese activists to lớn hear their concerns — and he chastised the government when some activists were barred from attending.

If the president’s tour inspires you lớn give Vietnamese food a try, Chuong points out that there’s a lot more than bún on the menu. His personal favorites include pungent curried crabs và aromatic braised five-spice pork shank.

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