'Harry Potter' star Felton, who portrayed the role of 'Draco' in the franchise, revealed that he 'secretly had feelings' for his co-star Watson. According lớn the reports, the 35-year-old actor that there was "a spark" between & the 32-year-old actress in his new, "Beyond the Wand: The and of Growing Up a Wizard" by The Evening Standard.

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Drake and The Weeknd continue lớn boycott the

Drake and The Weeknd have decided to skip the 2023 Awards, this the second consecutive year that both Canadian singers have opted out, according to lớn the reports. Reportedly the two, who have worked together for than a decade, have already expressed their displeasure with

"I loved & her as a person in a way I could never explain to lớn anybody else," he stated reportedly.
As per the reports , he recalled Watson for the first at an audition when he was 11 & she was 9. Felton wrote that Watson pointed at a & asked, "What's that?" lớn which he responded, "It they are recording us, obviously." " relationship with did not start well," Felton "She'd have been forgiven for not wanting to vì chưng with It got worse." Felton wrote that after they were cast, he avoided Watson & spent his lunch breaks cigarettes and listening khổng lồ rap with other actors. 'The Flash' star recalled an incident in which he và other cast Watson during a dance routine. He went on to say that his colleagues were "predictably" They snickered on their way down lớn her show, Felton added, & it only got louder during her dance. As per the reports of Fox News, Felton và Watson eventually close friends và the pair have been the subject of for years. In his, Felton explained that the speculation wasn't entirely baseless. "I've always had a secret love for, though not perhaps in the way that people want khổng lồ hear," Felton said. "That isn't to lớn say that there's never been a spark between us. There definitely has, only at different" Felton stated that he first discovered Watson had a crush on when he was 15 & she was 12. Felton insisted that his feelings for Watson were purely platonic, but his girlfriend suspected otherwise at the " started lớn abound that there was to our relationship than we were letting on. I denied that I liked her in that way, but the truth was different." He continued, " girlfriend at the knew straight away that there was unspoken between us. I using the old line, 'I love her lượt thích a sister.' But there was khổng lồ it than that." Upon reflection, Felton said he doesn't think he was "ever in love with". "But I loved & her as a person in a way that I could never explain khổng lồ anybody else ... We were kindred spirits." "I know for certain I'll always have's back and she'll always have too." Felton revealed in his new book that their relationship had a rocky start when they as child actors. In the franchise, Watson played the heroine Granger, while Felton played her Draco 2001 khổng lồ 2011, the two co-starred in all eight in the series. Read Best Hollywood Of 2022 | top rated English Of 2022 | Latest Hollywood

Actor Watson recently talked about her Connection to lớn Felton. She said she had "one of the purest loves" for Felton.

Actor Watson has opened up about bonding with her fellow "Harry Potter" star Felton. Watson discussed their friendship ahead of Felton"s hitting the stores. Watson stated her relationship with Felton did not start well, which people would also read in the book titled "Beyond the Wand: The và of Growing Up a Wizard." Watson, now 32, said that despite the rocky beginning, Watson và 35-year-old Felton have grown khổng lồ be dear friends and "".

Xem thêm: Thanh lý tủ đông hà nội - thanh lý tủ đông cũ tại hà nội Watson stated that in the beginning, she was an annoying nine-year-old girl who was desperate for"s attention & followed "like a puppy." But their relationship endured and, added. The actress said that she had always struggled khổng lồ explain the nature of her relationship with Felton. The "Harry Potter" star stated that her connection with Felton was "one of the purest loves." Felton, in his, writes that he always had a love for Watson, but it was different than what people " want lớn hear." noted that he was never "in love" with his fellow "Harry Potter" actress but always her. Felton played the role of Draco in the "Harry Potter" series, while Watson portrayed Granger in the


Which roles did Watson and Felton play in "Harry Potter" "Harry Potter," played Granger, and portrayed Draco is the of Felton"s Felton"s is "Beyond the Wand: The & of Growing Up a Wizard."

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