Lee Sang Woo Reveals Kim So Yeon&Apos;S Cute Nickname That He Saved In His Phone

So you begged us lớn show an evil expression that you don’t show often!Ah, I wanted lớn try this kind of expression too, but it’s really not easy. I’ve never really tried this kind of concept in my acting or for a photo shoot, so I think it made things even more difficult.

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I noticed that you didn’t monitor any of your pictures during filming.I can’t look at my pictures. I’m embarrassed and I’m shy. I purposely didn’t look at them because it would have made me thua thảm my self-confidence.

Many pictures came out nice, please look at them before you leave.

I won’t. I’ll see them when they’re published.

Are you busy filming a drama these days?Yes. We’re heading to lớn the last phase of filming. Scripts are coming without delay, so filming is going smoothly. The basis of ratings is if the scripts are coming out well or not.

What did you like about Kim Hyun Woo, your character in “Goddess of Marriage”?The writer is Jo Jung Seon whom I filmed “Believe in Love” with. She contacted me one day and said she wrote the character of Kim Hyun Woo with me in mind. At that point, she only had an overall picture and there was no precise detail about the plot. I was thankful that she wrote her scenario with me in mind, so there was no worry to lớn argue about.

So it was because you lived a one-sided love in “Believe in Love”. Are you really similar to lớn the character Kim Hyun Woo that was written with you in mind?We’re similar about some things at some extent. & we’re different about other things too. There are also times when I’m frustated about Kim Hyun Woo as much as the viewers are frustrated with him. Like he can’t bởi vì things lượt thích this or like that.

Hyun Woo approaches Ji Hye lượt thích it was destiny, then he lets her go. What choice would you have made in real life?I wonder if I wouldn’t have done the same thing as Hyun Woo. It would have been idealistic for the scenario to go “let’s forget everything và just run away”. It’s not easy to vì such thing in real life. I think I would have also let her go và live with regrets.

There’s also one scene in this drama when you show your body toàn thân once again.I think I’ve had a swimming scene in nearly every drama I did. My nickname is “the drama swimmer”. I learned how to lớn swim as I filmed dramas.

It seems that writers feel the urge lớn strip you off when they see you.Every other drama, I also have a scene where I take off my clothes. Lượt thích it takes turns between taking a shower, being in a swimming pool, running.

Your swimming scene in “Goddess of Marriage” is quite long.It looks lượt thích I’m good at swimming, but I really can’t swim in real life. I don’t know how lớn breathe while swimming. I keep my head out of the water, so I got the nickname “dog paddle”. When I put my head under water, my body toàn thân sinks. That’s why editing is so important for my swimming scenes more than any other scene. Once again, they made a good editing & I appeared on screen as someone who can swim. The actors và staff on mix laughed at me and teased me.

Still, filming scenes including nudity must be stressful, right?To be honest, I don’t work out that much. I lượt thích eating, so I exercise in order khổng lồ be able lớn eat what I want. I usually bởi as much as going khổng lồ the health club và nothing more. If I have a scene where I show my body, I control what I eat và I exercise a few days before filming. That’s how my muscles come out.

You’ve played a lot of gentle and nice characters. I think you must be a good guy too in real life. Is it really the case?I’m trying to be someone like that. I want khổng lồ become somone who is honest và considerate.

Do you ever think about breaking this gentle & nice image of you?

It’s not something that I bởi intentionally, but I’m usually a bit different when I drink. When there’s a huisik, I keep talking with the other actors and I have fun. People think we’re close và the next day when they talk to me, I greet them politely. There’s a waiter I know very well at the noraebang I often go to. When I walk in, I always greet him politely và when I walk out, I say “hey” và I hit his back. It’s actually embarrassing because it happened many times. When I drink alcohol, I strangely become more confident and I can speak comfortably và my voice is louder. I guess it must be a funny thing to see because people encourage me khổng lồ drink fast.

I also wonder how you change.Problem is I unexpectedly remember everything the next day. It’s quite a torture. I tear my hair out thinking “why did I vị that?”. I’m trying lớn cut back on going to bars because it comes with a big cost the next day. Like my body toàn thân feeling heavy, the need khổng lồ work out more, worrying about any possible mistake I made toward someone else. I’m the type lớn try my best to lớn listen when I meet new people at a bar.

Is there someone you have a drink often with?I’m close with tuy vậy Chang Eui-hyung and Lee sang Yoon. We became closer as we filmed “Life is Beautiful” together. We’re actually quiet people, but Chang Eui-hyung speak a lot while thanh lịch Yoon speaks even less than I do. I like playing the 369 games. Fortunately, they lượt thích it too so, so we often play. We were playing just the three of us and we managed lớn go over 300 once. It’s hard khổng lồ reach this number if one person misses his shot, so we’re kind of good, yes. Haha.

If it had been a drunk photo shoot today, would you have shown a more confident expression?To be honest, I tried once. I showed confident expressions I don’t usually do, tried lớn look daring and the outcome was very bad. It was something exciting just for me. From that day, I never did a drunk photo shoot ever again.

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While looking at the time you’ve been working as an actor, the number of interviews and photo shoots you did is extremely low. Is it because it makes you uncomfortable?To be honest, I don’t really lượt thích it. Especially when I first started working, I didn’t know what I was supposed lớn say và I didn’t have much to lớn say either. When I’m working a project, I just want lớn focus on this project. However, as time goes by, I think I need this kind of time for myself.

You need more time not just for photo shoots or relationships or anything else that you do?Yes. I think so. I think a lot and I don’t speak or act before I reach a decision. If I start something, I go all for it and when you take up on a challenge, it can take a very long time lớn be good at it.

So you enjoy the time you spend on you’re on own.I’ve been living on my own for a long time, so it’s true I’m used at being all by myself. When I’m at home, I watch a lot of movies. I usually spend my time doing chores around the house. The day just flies by when you wash the dishes, clean around & do the laundry. When my mom wants to come and clean my house, she can’t come. She’s old now and she’s tired… She must have a hard time because of me.

You said filial piety is about letting parents vày whatever they want khổng lồ do.I didn’t know before, but it’s something I understand as I’m also getting older. That’s why they come over to my house more often than before. It’s not just my parents. I’m caring a lot about people around me and there are times when it really makes people uncomfortable và that creates misunderstandings. When I was in the army, I was dating this girl và I told her not khổng lồ come & see me. I was worried it’d be too hard for her khổng lồ go back and forth like that. I said it out of concern for her, but I realized my words really hurt her. I had many episodes lượt thích this, so I tell myself not lớn care in a way that will make things uncomfortable for people.

You have an unusual way khổng lồ be affectionate. Is there something you’re crazy or obsessive about?When I was young, I wore gold on my hands and around my neck. It made me feel lượt thích I owned the world. I collected small pieces of gold và I turned it into a heavy gold necklace that I put on. However, I sold it because I needed money and I was forgetting about it when this story came up in an interview I made early after my debut. And one day, my fans started sending me a replica made of gold because they had read this old article. Once, I said I liked eating goraebap & saewookkang and boxes of them kept coming in. After that, I stopped answering lớn questions like this.

Always caring. As they say, fans are similar lớn their favorite actor. I heard your fans donated money to lớn pay the surgery fees for a kid whose parents couldn’t afford khổng lồ pay for.For my birthday, my fans collected money & sent me a pamphlet to say they’d buy something for me. They said lớn pick something I like. However, I couldn’t figure out how I was supposed to pick out something like this. I rejected their offer, so they gathered even more money & they donated this money on my behalf for this kid to get surgery. I was very touched.

What task do you have left as an actor?Going out was so hard for me before. It was even worse when I attended an award ceremony for an award, I wasn’t even happy. Khổng lồ make it short,I tried khổng lồ get rid of this behavior of mine. Right now, I’m much more at ease with this. I wanted to show my fans an image that kept being better & better. I read every fan hâm mộ letter I receive. Và they often say this. They’re happy because they feel lượt thích my acting is better now than when I debuted & I’m a brighter person. While taking on a new challenge, seeing this image of me give them courage. Words like this are really a big strength for me. When I feel like my fans và I have a mutual positive influence on each other, I tell myself that I did a good job, I’m very thankful & I should keep working.

When you quý phái “Sturgeon Song” in a variety program, I thought you were a man with a reversal side because it’s an image of you I wouldn’t have ever thought khổng lồ see in a drama.I got a fish tank and I wanted lớn raise something in it. I bought two sturgeons và three crawfishes. I kept them for three years and they died suddenly one day. I was really sad to see this. There was my guitar next to lớn the fish tank, so I made a tuy vậy about the death of a sturgeon. I didn’t overthink this, so this tuy vậy came out naturally because of the situation. I raised my sturgeons và my crawfishes, they didn’t grow, they didn’t get babies, there was absolutely no change. I understood why people didn’t raise them. That’s why I have a carp and a goldfish now. I try khổng lồ avoid things that everybody likes, but what happened made me change my mind và I ended up doing this.

Compared to lớn last year, I didn’t think your guitar skills would be lượt thích that.I’m teaching myself how khổng lồ play. Although I play constantly, there’s not one single song I can play until the end. There are always three or three complicated codes, so I can’t master these parts và I leave them aside. However, when I make my own song, I hóa trang my own code, so I can complete it. I’m always composing songs. “The Carp Song” is the follow-up to lớn my “Sturgeon Song”.

As a 34-year old man, và not as an actor, what kind of worries vị you have?These days, I find babies absolutely beautiful. Seeing my friends getting married makes me think that the time to vày the same is getting closer somehow. This is something I’m thinking about a little bit more compared to lớn before, but it’s not something that should happen right away either.

What vị you expect from October?The drama will be over in October. I haven’t taken a rest until now & I kept filming constantly, so I’m planning khổng lồ take the time lớn rest and organize my thoughts. I’m all by myself, so I’m planning to go on impromptu trips. I hope October will bring me this kind of freedom. Fall is my favorite season. That’s why I’m anticipating it.

Actor Lee quý phái Woo showed affection for his wife of seven years, actress Kim So Yeon.The July 26 episode of CHANNEL A's television show 'Men's Life These Days; Groom's Class' featured Lee lịch sự Woo & actor song Jae-hee throwing a bachelor tiệc ngọt for actor Shim Hyung-tak, soon lớn be married.In the episode, Lee sang trọng Woo showed his love for Kim So Yeon, whom he married in 2017.The friends gathered at Shim Hyung-tak's place và began blowing up balloons for his party."I've never planned this kind of special event, not even for Kim So Yeon.", Lee sang Woo said."You haven't? Even when you proposed to your wife?", Shim Hyung-tak asked.Lee sang trọng Woo explained that they had reached an understanding that they did not need a special event; since every day together is special."We naturally felt that way.", he added.
Song Jae-hee nodded, saying that Kim So Yeon seemed genuinely happy when with Lee sang trọng Woo, even though he did nothing special for her.However, even for the loving couple, lovers' quarrels were inevitable.Lee sang trọng Woo revealed how he đơn hàng with the situation when things with Kim So Yeon are rocky."We vị have fights now và then. I usually go lớn the gym right before a fight starts."He explained, "I think it's better khổng lồ have time to cool down and restart the conversation when things get too emotional.", adding that he goes lớn a gym during this time."So, the more muscular I get, our relationship is…", Lee quý phái Woo joked."In other words, I gain some weight when we are on good terms.", he added.After listening lớn his words, tuy vậy Jae-hee exclaimed, "Hey, you are in great shape right now!"Lee quý phái Woo quickly replied, "No, I'm not! I've gained some extra weight.", implying how great things are between him & Kim So Yeon.
The three friends had a good time and decided to have more fun by making a bet: whoever their partner calls back first would win.They all called their wives & girlfriends, only khổng lồ immediately hang up & wait for them to return the call.A few minutes later, one of the phones finally rang, and it was Lee quý phái Woo's."'Belle'? Who is that?", song Jae-hee said looking at the caller's name.
"'Belle' is Kim So Yeon.", Lee sang trọng Woo stated, explaining that he saved her name in his phone as 'Belle', like the character of the fairy tale, 'Beauty & the Beast'.Lee lịch sự Woo answered the phone with glee, knowing he had won the wager.
(Credit= CHANNEL A Men's Life These Days; Groom's Class, 'sysysy1102' Instagram)(SBS Star)

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